22 JULY — 22 AUGUST 2019

''All of this looks like some sort of Russian voodoo. They say that the Ural mountains, the place where two tectonic plates clash, gives birth to dark, chthonic forces, and the locals can speak their language. It’s clear, though, that the outsider can not reach past the cover of these legends-or are they not legends?'' Dmitry Ermakov

Персональная выставка Дмитрия Ермакова  ''Подземная река'' с 22 июля п

Dmitry Ermakov

Underearth River

The project ''Underearth River'' by Dmitry Ermakov, on the one hand is very personal, because the author speaks about his Finno-Ugric roots. On the other hand, the photographer in his artistic practice becomes an ethnographer and wants to show us another, strange and hidden from the urban everyday life the side of people lives in Russia. They believe in the Forces of Nature, celebrate the rites of their ancestors and in our technological 21st century are still interested in preserving the ancient and rich culture.

Curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Дмитрий Ермаков https://dmitryermakov.photo/

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