25 Oktober − 25 November 2019 

Выставка Сельский рейв  с 25 октября по 25 ноября

Daria Morozova

Rural rave

The ''Rural Rave'' project by Daria Morozova is a sort of ''time machine'', with the help of which a spectator in a dizzying ride is transferred to and returned at the discos covering a twenty-years period of time in the Labazinsky House of Culture, founded in 1965 with the support of the collective farm named after Lenin in the Orenburg region — the author’s homeland. Not losing their relevance, controversial in view of the modern needs of youth, nostalgic for forty-year-old parents — these discos become relics of the past, which are most likely have and will be an eternal need, taking into account the specifics of our national identity: love for folk ''festivities''.

Curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Daria Morozova

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In addition to group and individual projects which are the result of many months collaboration in the proposed topic of the curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva and a team of photographers / photographer, interviews and material useful for development and inspiration in the framework of the exhibition will be also published at the platform.